Videos: 5 signs

Here are 5 short videos to learn about possible signs of emotional suffering you should be aware of. Click here to download video transcripts.

Recognizing the signs video #1: Not feeling like you

Personality changes. Jack hasn’t been on top of his game at work lately. Sally reaches out to see if he can use a little extra help.

Recognizing the signs video #2: Feeling agitated

Jane’s been having a rough week. When she suffers a meltdown at a picnic, her friend Emily helps her make a plan.

Recognizing the signs video #3: Withdrawn or isolated

Withdrawing or isolating from other people. Linda notices Mrs. Chan has let her yard get disorganized. So she pays a visit to see if Mrs. Chan can use some help.

Recognizing the signs video #4: Poor self-care

Poor self-care. Mr. Little’s memory and appearance have both taken a turn for the worse over the last few weeks. His student Heather grows concerned. After he rebuffs her friendly attempt to help, she talks to the department chair about the situation.

Recognizing the signs video #5: Feeling hopeless

Talking about hopeless or overwhelmed feelings. On a business trip, Matt meets Harold, a veteran who’s been going through a tough time making ends meet and finding the right job. Matt offers some resources that can help.