A Week to Change Direction will be a week of action, advocacy, culture change and fundraising for organizations, corporations, universities, communities, and individuals!

Our aim is to increase knowledge, raise awareness and increase support for efforts that are working to change the culture of mental health globally so that all in need receive the care and support they deserve.

During this special week focused on global and local efforts, we will invite participating organizations and individuals to engage in activities that best reflect their unique strengths, skills and passions.

It’s Easy to Get Involved!  Here are some Examples:

  • Create a video promoting the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering/Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being and challenge 5 others to learn/share (ice bucket challenge model).
  • Support Challenge: Create a short list of trusted individuals that you can reach out to in times of need and support. Keep this list in your wallet. On social media challenge others to create their list too!
  • On social media, challenge 5 friends to become a Campaign to Change Direction pledge partner and to share the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering with 5 of their friends.
  • Reach out to someone you have not spoken to in a while and schedule a visit to check in! Start a conversation with them about the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being—ask them their favorite way to relax or take care of themselves. If appropriate, post a selfie with them and give them a shout out! Remind others how important it is to connect and reach out.
  • Create Rock Art: paint/write nice encouraging messages and/or the Five Signs on rocks and place them around town or your office building for people to find them. When you find one, hide it somewhere else to brighten someone else’s day. Share on social media your collection of rocks before you hide them!
  • Bring your pet to work week. Pets help us relax, which is one of our Healthy Habits! Encourage members of your organization or employees to take a picture with their pets at work, post using #ChangeDirection.
  • Start a book club: read a book with a mental health or self-care focus. At the first meeting, talk about the importance of mental well-being and have everyone take home a Five Signs and Healthy Habits poster to hang up!  Suggested book: “Life After Suicide” by Dr. Jennifer Ashton. This book is helping to change the culture by addressing this painful issue directly.
  • Be the first FIVE to register to read this book at your book club and receive a SIGNED BOOK by Dr. Ashton!!  Share your reactions, thoughts, and helpful tips from  your own experiences here as well!

REGISTER below and check out the toolkit for more ideas!